Direct Mail

Direct Mail

AIM prints and mails millions of documents every month. The printing and mailing experts at AIM use the latest equipment and technology to perform high volume printing and mailing. AIM's people, technology, and processes deliver a highly reliable, quality service at an economical price.

AIM identifies your prospective buyers, creates customized impactful marketing communications that contain your specific quote information and mails them to your most aspirational clients month after month. It's marketing done for you with on-line tools and tracking that make it easy to measure your return on investment.

Our service will generate sales leads and brand awareness for your business exclusively in the zip codes you select by performing six important tasks which are accessed and managed via your login on our secure agent portal:

  • Identification and delivery of current county assessor homeowner prospects and their relevant data month after month.
  • A filtering process for focusing on aspirational clients by zip code.
  • Customized design, printing, and mailing of your unique color quote to aspirational clients around their renewal date or a date and timing of your choosing.
  • Automated call response tracking, quick response code tracking, and on-line reporting.
  • A recurring return on investment that can be as great as 3:1.
  • Exclusive access to agent acquired zip codes with Advanced Insurance Marketing.

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