Onboarding & Design

Onboarding & Design

The Onboarding process is a critical step in setting up agents for a successful campaign with AIM. Our people work with new agents to design the right message. We work to develop a customized envelope, quote letter, and/or postcard.

As a new client, we encourage you to become familiar with the agent portal. The portal is a tool for viewing client data, tracking ongoing marketing results, viewing information regarding inbound phone calls to your agency, highlighting your mailing drop dates, viewing monthly data counts/records, and also managing your rate chart for your mailers.

The agent portal allows you to update your rate chart which is used by the system to calculate the yearly premium included on the delivered quotes. It uses values entered by the agent in the rate chart along with county assessor information to derive a customized and personalized, property specific quote.

Our team helps each agent personalize a custom quote template. Once the agent approves the final design the mailings can begin.

Agents can be confident that the mailing will go out on time every time and that the following steps are taken:

  • Homeowner data is filtered based on agent criteria.
  • Addresses are scrubbed for NCOA and CASS address certification.
  • The agent portal is updated with monthly data for review.
  • Call tracking is configured reporting inbound calls to the agent portal.
  • Unique letter ID's and QR codes are issued for each mail piece.

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