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Insurance QR Codes

QR Codes (Quick Response) help facilitate increased engagement and gives your brand a WOW factor!

Advanced Insurance Marketing has been incorporating QR Codes into their personalized quote designs for nearly two years. Many of our independent insurance agents see this as a convenient way to increase direct mail response rates while bridging prospects to the agency's on-line presence for a better user experience. When prospects scan the QR Code they can learn more about the agency while also providing the agency with future opportunities for on-line and social media engagement.

  • Quick Response is a vehicle for making a personalized connection to your potential customer.
  • QR codes are lightning fast and can hold tons of information.
  • Your potential customers do not have to dial any numbers or even click anything to get to your brand's webpage, brand video or insurance quote.
  • QR codes can place a positive first impression of your agency in the client's mind when looking at their targeted homeowner's insurance quote... Technology is cool!
  • QR codes used by consumers to tap into mobile business websites has jumped by 50% over the past year.
  • When it comes to marketing yourself and your agency, AIM has figured out that using the swift, relevant, research-based benefits of QR Codes can help an Agency gain a competitive advantage.
  • Creates re-targeting opportunities with QR Code responders.

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