Services We Offer

AIM is an affordable solution for any insurance agent looking to build their brand within their local sales market.

AIM likes to think that our job is to help agents sell themselves in an authentic, immersive way attracting new clientel by targeting upcoming policy renewal deadlines in the Independent Agents local community.

Print and Mail Service

Ongoing printed and mailed communications to aspirational clients month after month.


Phone Call and QR Code tracking made easy for you with our intelligent web portal.

Superior Data

AIM acquires the most up-to-date assessor data and provides sophisticated filtering for you to get the most desired outcome.

Social Media Marketing

We can take charge of your social media footprint to get you a better web presence to drive business into your agency.

What We Do

What We Do

Advanced Insurance Marketing (AIM) is a vital mix of four synergies: Direct Mail Marketing, Technology, Social Media Marketing, and Analytics to provide Independent Insurance Agents with the tools needed to increase Property and Casualty insurance sales. AIM uses innovative data extraction methodologies created and developed by our team of Information Technology experts.

AIM fosters and supports our Agents efforts, helping them embrace a unique collaborative approach to current direct mail marketing trends, which in turn drives healthy business development within their Local communities. Oh and AIM does Social Media. Aim can help you Agency find traction online using our proven Social Media Marketing methodologies.

AIM delivers data and marketing services to insurance agents. Our service generates inbound sales opportunities for insurance agents by providing prospect data. Our data quality is assured. AIM uses up to date assessor information, and we only sell one record to one agent. AIM Never double sells our data, giving you the full opportunity to win the sale. With filtering options you can filter the data to mail only to certain homeowners, for example, we can filter by year built, home value or square footage.

Some of our services include but is not limited to customized insurance quote design, color quotes and envelopes to capture the potential client's attention and increase the open rate of the mail piece leading to more phone calls into your office.

Call tracking to link a phone call back to an individual mail piece allows you to see exactly which homeowner is calling in and what exactly they received on their quote. Each mail piece sent is issued a Letter ID on the quote. This unique ID allows us to track inbound calls from the mailing on our portal for you. So when your line rings you would be able to see the homeowner data of the person you are talking to, their call ID info, and the quote information you sent them. (This is optional if you want the call tracking we acquire a local phone number for you and simply direct it to your line).

AIM can integrate Quick Response Codes or a "QR" code which can be scanned by smartphones that merely leads someone to your website, customized landing page or a personalized video of you or your agency. Anyone who scans the code is also tracked in the AIM agent portal.

Advanced Insurance Marketing helps your agency focus on building relationships in your community whether it is through the mail or on Social Media.