Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

It is easy to be overwhelmed by social media for your business and it can consume a large amount of your precious time. However, the truth is that social media is both a necessary and an effective form of marketing for independent insurance agents. If done correctly, social media marketing can help expand your reach to prospective clients, including the next generation of prospects. People turn to social media to research their options for insurance, as well as research their options regarding who they buy from. Establishing a presence and developing connections and relationships through social media channels helps the independent insurance agent 'level the playing field' with larger competitors and in many instances, can actually give them an advantage through the personal connections they make.

In order to be effective on social media, you need to have a good strategy and you need to be able to consistently engage. For most independent insurance agents, it makes sense to outsource social media marketing to a company like Advanced Insurance Marketing. We know and understand your industry and clients. AIM has a team dedicated to social media marketing for the independent insurance agent. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Social media account optimization and/or creation
  • Social media marketing planning and implementation
  • Industry related content curation and posting
  • Community engagement
  • Social lead generation
  • Analytics and reporting

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