3 Ways to Integrate Technology into your Direct Mail Campaign

Thursday, January 25th 2018
Insurance Marketing

With a growing population of tech-savvy millennials entering property ownership and with more and more older generations learning to embrace the many different aspects of technology, the addition of smart technology to your direct mail campaign can help you realize a bigger return on investment. Direct mail doesn’t have to be just a sheet of paper in an envelope, it can help open the door to a prospect engaging you in many different ways both online and through their telephone. By employing smart solutions to your direct mail campaign, you can not only increase your ROI but also increase your campaigns chances of success and longevity.

Marketing Phone Number

Do you have a record of every phone call received from your direct mail campaign? Do you know what your results are from a quantitative perspective? If you mail 1,000 pieces, do you know how many inbound calls that will generate? These are things you should know, to provide proper staff support for these prospects and to gauge your ROI. But just knowing you received 20 calls last month is not enough. Don’t you want to know, precisely, which property owners called you?

This is where a marketing phone number can answer all these questions and provide you with the data you need. A marketing phone number can be configured to forward to your office, and it can also be configured to accept a unique numeric code provided on your mailers and punched in by the prospect when they call. By using this on each individual mail piece, the results of who called you can be tracked. This will not only help you measure your results, but also provide you with a list of prospects that you can follow up with in the future. The effort you put in to get this prospect suddenly becomes a resource instead of a dead-end lead.

QR Codes and Personalized URL's

More people today use online mediums to get information than ever before. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be providing intelligent and trackable online options with your direct mail pieces. Technology is attractive to many people, and this should be utilized to engage and educate potential customers about your products and services. This also shows them your agency is savvy, innovative, and forward thinking. The most important part of insurance is the personal relationship you have with your clients, but providing technological sources to acquire additional information helps people in this busy world and saves you some time too. But just pointing people to your online presence is not good enough, you want to know that they visited you so you can follow up with them. This is where QR Codes and Personalized URL’s come into play. A QR Code can be scanned by a smartphone and redirects the prospect to your website or social media account. By providing a customized QR Code per mail piece, you can know exactly which prospect scanned it and visited you online.

The same goes for the Personalized URL. It is a webpage that is customized to the prospect and by visiting the unique web address, they are presented with personalized information directed at them. Each visit can be tracked back to the individual mail piece, providing you with the name and address of who visited your online presence. How important and valuable is this? Extremely, because it allows you to retarget each person individually, either through a second round of mailers or a personally hand-written postcard to try and convert some of these prospects into customers. Additionally, these analytics provide you with information to know how successful your direct mail campaign is. Is your marketing firm providing this service to you? Advanced Insurance Marketing integrates direct mail with technology and this service is free for all our clients.

Immediate Alerts

When a prospect calls your agency, or visits your online presence, knowing it instantly can be the difference between a new client and a lost opportunity. By adding the technology of a marketing phone number or Personalized URL to your direct mail piece, a simple text alert or email can be sent to you and your staff when an inbound call is placed into your agency or an online visit takes place. This text or email can contain all the pertinent information about the prospect, their name and address, and any specific property information used when building the mailer.

Knowing the exact moment that a prospect calls your office and knowing specifically who they are allows you to manage your direct mail campaign instead of just reacting to it. As an agency owner, you can follow up with your staff to verify the call was handled properly or even check in on the call if you are away from your office. Never missing an opportunity brings peace of mind on your investment in a direct mail campaign. And what about being alerted when a prospect visits your online presence? This will allow you to follow back on social media instantly, and further increase your presence with them to win that sale!

Technology and direct mail were meant to go hand-in-hand. There’s no reason your direct mail campaign shouldn’t be targeting all demographics and people of all technology levels. Some of the prospects receiving your direct mail piece will like the QR Code, some will like the Personalized URL, and some will want to use the phone to make contact. By covering all your bases and being able to track each one, you can maximize your results and make your direct mail campaign more successful than ever. Is your marketing agency providing this for you? Success with direct mail is a numbers game, and by employing smart technology to it, you are increasing the playing field and ensuring better results and a bigger return on investment.

Melissa Smith By Melissa Smith

Melissa has over twenty years of experience in Account-based Marketing, Management and Sales in the Insurance Direct Marketing, Financial, and Non-Profit sectors. Clients enjoy working with her as she is a valued ally in their success. She loves spending time with her family and shopping.


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